About us

About Us

Spread Oaks Ranch invites you to experience the finest outdoor experiences and indoor amenities in an elite, remote environment enriched by an attentive and capable staff.

Situated near Bay City, Texas, the ranch comprises 5,500 acres of actively managed agricultural lands and wildlife habitat interlaced with mottes of ancient live oaks and coastal prairie wetlands.

In addition to its prized Brangus cattle operation, the ranch employs a unique agricultural/waterfowl habitat system, in which organic corn, soybean, and rice fields are flooded after harvest to create managed wetlands for migratory shorebirds and waterfowl throughout the fall and winter. After the birds migrate back north, the fields are drained and planted again with organic crops in the spring—thus augmenting and enhancing the native waterfowl foods so crucial to birds as they overwinter and prepare for their northward migration. This management practice is augmented by planting other native food crops specifically for ducks, geese, dove, and deer.

Spread Oaks Ranch sits in the apex of the Texas mid-coast funnel of the Central Flyway, where hundreds of thousands of wintering ducks, geese, and sandhill crane concentrate in its flooded crop fields, managed wetlands, and expansive reservoirs.

Ranch Manager Tim Soderquist, former Senior Regional Director for Ducks Unlimited, handles habitat management for Spread Oaks Ranch—not only for waterfowl, but for whitetail deer, dove, and throngs of other game and nongame wildlife, “setting the table” for them, so to speak, to provide the ample wild foodstuffs, quality habitat, and sufficient resting areas these wild creatures need in order to thrive. Other wildlife, including two nesting pairs of bald eagles, alligators, wild hogs, coyotes, myriad species of songbirds, shorebirds, nongame species, and even occasionally, cougars, roam the property.

Fishing opportunities abound, not only in the managed bass lake behind the lodge, but also along the 4.5-mile Colorado River frontage and in Blue Creek. In addition, Spread Oaks Ranch has an in-house coastal guide service operating on the highly productive Matagorda Bay system. A skeet field adjacent to the bass lake allows guest to hone their shooting skills, and an oversized firepit overlooking the lake provides the ultimate setting for an evening’s wind-down.

Our acclaimed chef will delight you and your guests at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The elegantly rustic lodge and casitas sleep 10 in luxurious style, providing exceptional comfort after the day’s hunt and accommodating all your personal needs.

Our mission is to provide the discerning hunter with the ultimate outdoor experience. Come join us—and go “Deeper into the Heart of Texas.”