Spread Oaks Ranch exquisitely tailors its bespoke hunting experiences to you and your guests, so you are assured of creating incomparable memories when you select Spread Oaks Ranch as your hunting destination.

Drawing from our deep understanding of wildlife management, we carefully manage the ranch’s flooded fields, ponds, lakes, sloughs to work in harmony with the best conventional and organic agricultural practices to create superlative waterfowl habitat. Dove, deer, and such “bucket list” species as sandhill crane and alligator also thrive in our multifaceted 5,500-acre outdoor playground—abundant in rich river bottomlands, ancient oak mottes, coastal prairie, brush, and native plants and augmented by planted food crops for dove and deer.

The Ranch’s attentive guides will attend to your every need from the moment you depart the lodge for your hunt until your return—including field-dressing and arrangements for processing or taxidermy.

Our mission at Spread Oaks Ranch is your total satisfaction in experiencing world-class hunting paired with our luxurious lodge and exemplary cuisine.


Teal Hunting

Awaken in the predawn to a light breakfast before your guides transport you in side-by-side ATVs to one of the ranch’s many comfortable blinds. Sip your steaming coffee and enjoy a spectacular sunrise as your guides set dekes, and soon you’ll thrill to the sights and sounds of teal by the score strafing your decoys at your guide’s expert call.

Juking and diving like so many miniature fighter jets, the hordes of teal provide heart-pounding shooting opportunities along with the thrill of watching one of the ranch’s expertly trained retrievers bring your bird to hand.

Spread Oaks Ranch’s incomparable wetlands management techniques, combined with the ranch’s location smack-dab in the Central Flyway funnel, welcome thousands of teal—and an unequaled opportunity for a top-tier teal hunt.

Spread Oaks Ranch is currently booking hunts for teal season, September 14-29, 2019.


Duck Hunting

Celebrate this season’s duck season in style with an abundance of outstanding waterfowling opportunities at Spread Oaks Ranch. Ranch Manager Tim Soderquist has “set the table” for big ducks—encouraging wild foodstuffs including smartweed, sago pond weed, wild millet, duck potato, and wigeon grass as well as providing a bounty of organic agricultural waste grains (corn, soybean, and rice) in flooded croplands.

You’ll depart the lodge in comfortable side-by-side ATVs after an early light breakfast, to be transported into what’s arguably at the pinnacle of premier waterfowl habitat on the Texas Mid-Coast. Your guides will ensconce you in one of our thoughtfully designed blinds while they set out decoys, and your heart will soar with the arrival of shooting time and the spectacular sunrise.

Common visitors include pintails, mallards, wigeon, gadwall, and wood duck, as well as teal and shovelers.

Spread Oaks Ranch is currently booking hunts for duck season, November 2-December 1, 2019 and December 14, 2019-January 26, 2020.


Goose Hunting

While snow geese—including lesser snow geese, blue geese, and the smaller Ross’s geese—continue to be the most common of the geese wintering on the Texas Mid-Coast, white-fronted geese (specklebellies) also flock to Spread Oaks Ranch.

Integral to Ranch Manager Tim Soderquist’s “game plan” for geese are the ranch’s organic rice fields, flooded after the ratoon (second harvest) rice crop’s harvested, and the flooded organic cornfields—providing optimal food and water to attract geese. We also plant winter wheat and rye grass from December through March, as geese and sandhill cranes alike find the sweet green shoots to be irresistible.

From the time you awake in the predawn to the close of your hunt, our attentive guides will take care of your every need. Their expert calling over an ample spread of goose decoys will reward you with heart-pounding action as wild goose call fills the sky and geese spiral down, back-pedaling into the decoys.

Spread Oaks Ranch is currently booking hunts for light & dark goose season, November 2, 2019-January 26, 2020; and for the light goose conservation order season, January 25-March 15, 2020.

Sandhill Crane and Snipe Hunting

Sandhill cranes—called “ribeye in the sky” as a tribute to their delectable qualities as lean, tender, grain-fed table fare—arrive in swirling flocks to feed in Spread Oaks Ranch’s harvested grain fields. Their keen eyesight, combined with the fact that they feed standing up, makes them a thrill to hunt and provides an experience of a lifetime.

Our expert guides will locate cranes in a huntable area and create a game plan to give you and your guests the maximum advantage in hunting these tall, red-crowned, heavy-bodied birds. After transporting you from the lodge to the field in ATVs, our guides’ lifelike decoys and expert calling will coax these magnificent birds into gun range.

Snipe hunting affords some of the most adrenaline-charged wingshooting on the planet, and is an experience oft overlooked by waterfowlers seeking an afternoon adventure. Let us introduce you to the thrill of flushing snipe in wet fields, and testing your split-second reflexes as they dart skyward, rolling from side to side in zigzag fashion on quickly flicked wingbeats.

Spread Oaks Ranch is currently booking hunts for sandhill crane season (Zone C), December 14, 2019-January 19, 2020. Snipe season is open October 26, 2019-February 9, 2020.


Dove Hunting

Dove hunting is perhaps the most social of all hunting endeavors and there’s no better way to kick off the hunting season than a few days of dove hunting among friends. Spread Oaks Ranch is committed to making your dove hunt here the most memorable of your lifetime.

Ranch manager Tim Soderquist has augmented the ranch’s abundant natural habitat with planted food plots including sunflower, brown-top millet, and milo. This active management, in concert with the ranch’s many water sources, natural feeding areas, and towering live oak roost trees, attracts throngs of doves.

During teal season, combine a morning teal hunt with an afternoon dove hunt. You and your guests might also choose to combine dove hunting with either a hog hunt, an alligator hunt, freshwater fishing on the ranch, or a saltwater fishing excursion.

Spread Oaks Ranch is currently booking hunts for dove season (South Zone), September 14-November 3, 2019 and December 20, 2019-January 23, 2020; and for the special white-winged dove season, September 1-2 and 7-8, 2019.


Whitetail Hunting

Spread Oaks Ranch actively manages its deer herd, planting food plots such as cowpeas, brown-top millet, and winter wheat for deer and ensuring that their habitat needs are met and exceeded. Native white-tailed deer roam the rich bottomlands along Spread Oaks Ranch’s 4.5-mile Colorado River frontage, and the ranch also maintains a managed trophy deer herd within its ample high-fenced habitat.

Spread Oaks Ranch is currently booking hunts for white-tailed deer season (North Zone), November 2, 2019-January 5, 2020. For information on youth-only, muzzleloader-only seasons, and Managed Land Permit opportunities please contact Tim Soderquist.

Archery Season Packages

A total of four bowhunting packages will be offered in 2019, as follows:

  • Friday, October 4 - Sunday, October 6
  • Friday, October 11 - Sunday, October 13 (unavailable)
  • Friday, October 18 - Sunday, October 20
  • Friday, October 25 - Sunday, October 27

Your custom-tailored bowhunting weekend will begin with a Friday afternoon arrival, followed by scouting with your guide. Upon your return to the lodge, Chef Ric Rosser will delight your palate with his signature farm-and-field cuisine.

You will hunt on Saturdays and Sundays, selecting your setup from a range of box and ground blinds, or by positioning yourself in one of our majestic live oaks. Luxurious lodging, chef-prepared cuisine, libations, ranch activities (such as swimming, fishing, target shooting, and hog hunting), and field dressing/quartering/packing for transport are included in the all-inclusive fee. Cost for two hunters pursuing quality native white-tailed deer, with up to four non-hunting guests, is $10,000.

For costs of hunts for trophy deer, please contact Tim Soderquist.


Hog Hunting

Although hog hunts are available year-round, we do not conduct nighttime hunts during waterfowl season, so as not to disturb our roosting birds. We can arrange hog hunts at feed-holes during the day throughout bird season and nighttime hunts throughout the remainder of the year. We can also arrange for your group to participate in a thrilling aerial hog hunt with a local helicopter service that has access to more than 250,000 acres from the ranch to the Gulf of Mexico.

Spread Oaks Ranch offers hog-hunting opportunities throughout the year.


Alligator Hunting

Spread Oaks Ranch has a limited number of alligator tags that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact Tim Soderquist for details.

Spread Oaks Ranch is currently booking hunts for alligator season, September 10-30, 2019.

Each fall, Spread Oaks floods over thirty ponds, lakes, and sloughs off the Colorado River, inviting mallards, bluewing and greenwing teal, gadwall, wood ducks, scaup, redheads, pintails, bluebill and mottled ducks to converge on the ranch area. Guides provide transportation to comfortable blinds, ammunition, decoys, dogs, hearty snacks and hot coffee, setting each hunter up for optimum success with the day’s birds.

Spread Oaks’ buffet of managed native water grasses and flooded agriculture fields create prime opportunity for early season greenwing and bluewing teal hunting, a timeless Texas tradition. These birds are particular about their habitats, and our guides’ scouting experience, knowledge of the terrain, and constant monitoring of slight changes in the weather create the optimum set-up for an exciting, fast-action hunt.

Texas has more dove than any other state. Matagorda County’s position on the fl yway and Spread Oaks’ ideal combination of prairie and river make the ranch a dove hunter’s haven. Whether you’re after white-winged or mourning dove, the ranch’s extensive acreage of managed food plots— sesame, sunfl owers, milo and millet--allows you to hunt several fi elds, morning and evening.

The waste-grains of farm fi elds and the young growth of winter wheat bring fl ocks of snow geese, blue geese, Ross geese, and specklebellies to the ranch. Guides provide everything you need--decoys, dogs, appropriate blinds—for memorable morning hunts from early fall through spring.

Throughout the woodland areas of the ranch, we have grown managed food plots and strategically placed corn and protein feeders, creating sanctuary for the deer and building blinds that blend with the landscape and provide views of the quiet, rugged beauty of the live oak river bottom. Deer thrive here, and hunters are rewarded with remarkable venison, impressive trophies, and a renewed understanding of respectful wildlife management.

Take a day to hunt hogs, or if the morning’s bird hunting hasn’t left you ready to kick back and relax, the thrill of a hog hunt under the Texas night sky awaits. State-of-the art night-vision and thermal scopes allow us to get close to the large herds of hogs that roam the ranch. As nocturnal animals, hogs depend on their sense of smell, and guides’ familiarity with the animals, the wind patterns, and the terrain ensure the excitement of the hunt and the comfort and safety of the hunters.