What to Expect on Offsite Dove Hunts


What to Expect on an Offsite Dove Hunt

Spread Oaks Lodge partners with wing shooting outfitter La Casa de Palomas, which is based in El Campo and about a 35-minute drive north of the ranch. A Spread Oaks guide will lead the party to the shooting grounds and assist the outfitter during your hunt. You will be driven to the shooting grounds via ATV. A morning or afternoon dove hunt, with prep time and transportation, will take anywhere from 4 to 5 hours.

El Campo is a major white wing dove corridor. Hunting is best during the first two weeks of the season, which usually begins in mid-September. There can be very good dove hunting later in the season, which (with splits) lasts into January, but it is inconsistent. If you would like us to check on the dove flight before your visit, simply let us know.

Guns and Ammo. The ranch provides your 12-gauge and 20-gauge 2 ¾” shells. If you are using another gauge, or prefer other shot types (i.e., bismuth, tungsten, etc.) you will need to bring your own ammunition. We also provide water, shooting vests, orange caps, hearing protection, sunscreen, and bug spray. We can provide over-and-under 12-gauge shotguns for guests who do not want to transport their own.

Costs: The dove outfitter charges the ranch $175 per gun and a 15% gratuity. Spread Oaks Lodge assists you with transportation, provides ammunition, and cleaned birds iced and in coolers and recover some of these costs with an additional 15% charge that we add to your invoice.

After the Hunt: Either the outfitter or Spread Oaks Ranch guides will skin and ice your birds. All you need to do is let us know who in your party wants them.