Field-and-Farm Cuisine, Elevated

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With bounty gathered from the pastures, woods, and waters of the ranch itself, our talented culinary team creates unrivaled epicurean experiences for your enjoyment.

Experience the Extraordinary

The splendor of the ranch and the adventures it presents are embodied in the remarkable bounty it produces. Top-quality organic fruits, vegetables, wild foodstuffs, and proteins—sourced directly from the ranch—will grace your table at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You’ll awake to breakfast featuring farm-fresh eggs from our own flock of organically raised hens; house-cured smoked meats, bacon, or sausage; made-from-scratch biscuits with our own handcrafted jams and jellies; and toothsome treats such as Dutch babies and Japanese pancakes.

A hearty lunch could comprise live-fire roasted Katahdin lamb, handmade tortillas, ranch-grown organic vegetables, and all the fixin’s, or perhaps hamburgers starring Spread Oaks Ranch’s Black Angus beef.

Relax at cocktail hour with your favorite beverage and ranch-cured charcuterie, before indulging in a suppertime showcase in which each ingredient is an instrument brought into harmonious accord with the others to create a gastronomic symphony for your delight.

Our culinary team carefully curates ingredients from all areas of Spread Oaks Ranch’s bounty, including:

The Greenhouse

The greenhouse cultivates culinary herbs, along with tomatoes and cucumbers growing in an innovative Dutch-bucket system, in our state-of-the-art greenhouse.

The Shade House

The Shade House offers an assortment of fresh lettuces and shade-loving vegetables such as broccoli, kale, cabbage, and cauliflower; and root vegetables such as carrots and radishes in the Shade House.

The Smoke House

Hams, loins, and sausages from heritage hogs—as well as a variety of other ranch-raised meats—are smoke-cured in our custom Smoke House, located between the Main House and the Old

The Henhouse

Free-range chickens and ducks roost and lay eggs in the henhouse, while meandering the barnyard during the day to forage for insects, grubs, and seeds.

The Pasturelands

Our Black Angus herd and our Katahdin sheep provide high-quality organic protein for the commercial market, as well as often starring in our field-and-farm to table cuisine.

The Woods and Waters

The wild hog, venison, duck, and goose you harvest on the ranch can be expertly prepared by the chef for you and your group, if time allows. Or, our staff can field dress your game and pluck your waterfowl so that you may savor them at home. Catfish, bass, and bream from the Colorado River, Blue Creek, and our stocked bass lake grace the table and foraged ingredients such as wild onions, dewberries, elderberries, and mustang grapes augment the chef’s larder.

As prepared by our expert culinary team, all of these remarkably fresh, organic, ranch-raised foodstuffs will add an unparalleled epicurean element to your Spread Oaks Ranch adventure.