Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater Fishing

Fishing right at the ranch

You can wet a line without leaving the ranch. Spread Oaks features three very different varieties of freshwater fishing – bass near your doorstep, panfish from our scenic waterways, and river or creek catfishing. Freshwater fishing is a great way to fill a couple of hours between activities and another one of Ric Rosser’s over-the-top meals.

The ranch’s five-acre lake complex is located just feet from the lodge and is stocked with both Florida largemouth and hybrid striped bass. Some days are about quantity, with seemingly a hit on every cast, while other days are about quality – some of our fish approach 10 pounds! With its short walk from the lodge and manicured shoreline, it’s a favorite for family activities.

Fishing with nature

For those who want a more remote and scenic experience, we’ll take you to Jennings Lake for panfish on light tackle or a fly rod. This trip is all about plug, lure, and fly placement with a backdrop of nature, including alligators, deer, and uncountable wading and shorebirds.

Looking for something with a little heft?

If you still want it wild but with a fight to remember, we offer the giant cats – blue, channel, and the prized yellow catfish. Their habitat on the ranch is lower Blue Creek and our over five miles of Colorado riverfront. How big are they? Last year, the ranch was regularly hauling in 20 pounders, but a few topped the scales at over 40 pounds. That’s a lot of fish! There are a couple of ways we pursue catfish. One is by setting trotlines – technically limblines – that the ranch guides set, and you and your guests can run them between activities the next day. For the purists, Spread Oaks cats provide a great opportunity to try landing one on light tackle, or even a fly rod.

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Book a trip and create a memorable fishing experience. For more information, contact Tim Soderquist at (281) 814-5442, or by email at [email protected].

Saltwater Fishing

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