Farming and eating organic at Spread Oaks Ranch

Maintaining good eating habits and a well-balanced diet is not easy for most people, but is quite vital to our health. That is why, here at Spread Oaks Ranch, we put a large emphasis on sustainability and eating organic foods.

What we’re growing now

We consistently have a large variety of vegetables that Chef Ric Rosser utilizes in his extraordinary farm to table creations. Currently we are growing New Zealand spinach, arugula, assorted mini lettuces, cabbages, beets, carrots, parsnips, French du Jour radishes, pineapple tomatoes, white Bermuda onions and red creole onions, to name a few. Recently, we harvested coriander. Did you know that coriander is actually cilantro seeds?

What we’re excited about

Seedlings of gourds, melons and winter squash are starting to appear! Also, dill will be planted soon for our summer pickling projects. There is such a wide variety of growth at Spread Oaks, from the greenhouse to the field crops, and Chef Ric nurtures all of them beautifully. Right now, he is very excited about the field crops in particular, and the varieties of sunflowers that will be upcoming!

How can you get creative in the kitchen?

There is so much outstanding food for you to enjoy when you come visit Spread Oaks Ranch, but what are you creating at home? Many people are having to get more inventive with their recipes and cooking because of our current situation and lack of consistent access to certain foods or groceries. But, substituting ingredients in meals and altering recipes, even out of necessity, can spark creativity and can be quite fun! It’s easy to go for the junk food, especially in these times of stress. However, it is very important that we keep ourselves healthy and our bodies and minds functioning well, now so more than ever.

Let’s share!

We can encourage each other in this endeavor. Sharing recipes and cooking tips is a great way to stay connected and be helpful to others! Do you have a recipe you can share with friends, on social media, or with us?

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