Teal hunting season at Spread Oaks Ranch!

Teal season has been a blast (pun intended) at Spread Oaks Ranch!

We have had a tremendously exciting Teal hunting season, in fact it’s been one of our best! It’s not unusual for Spread Oaks Ranch to be completely booked through hunting season, starting with Teal, and this year has been no different. Every group that has come to stay with us and hunt has had a terrific time and great success! We recently had a group of nine people on a father/son hunting trip that not only got to spend some quality time together, but also limited in 21 minutes.

There are plenty of reasons why Spread Oaks Ranch is the ideal waterfowl hunting destination, one of them being that almost every single group this season has limited in anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes! Ducks Unlimited knows this well, and we’ve been thrilled to have them hunt with us again this Teal season. Speaking of Ducks Unlimited, be on the lookout for an upcoming episode on DU-TV featuring Spread Oaks Ranch.

Imagine limiting in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Meateater, coming back to our gorgeous lodge for a scrumptious chef prepared meal and enjoying all of the amenities Spread Oaks Ranch has to offer for the rest of the day, including staying in our stunning new accommodations, the “Old 300” that was just featured in our latest newsletter. Some people that hunt with us actually book for the following year before even leaving our ranch, so don’t wait too long if you’re interested in bringing your group down for some incomparable hunting and first class treatment!

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