The live oak trees of Spread Oaks Ranch

There are many stunning sights to take in at Spread Oaks Ranch, but the live oak trees that give the property its name are among the most majestic.

Thousands of oak trees

There are roughly 10,000 live oaks peppered throughout our 5,500 acres, each one different from the other. They provide shade, a place for repose and also a source of entertainment. There is an abundance of ways to enjoy these trees, whether you are taking a moment of rest under their canopies, watching the many birds nesting within their branches or admiring the elevated view from the spectacular custom treehouse near our main lodge.

The fascinating history of live oaks

While there are plenty of ways to admire and experience them on our spectacular ranch, are you familiar with some of the historical uses of live oaks? During the time of wooden sailing ships, particularly in the 1800’s, the strong wood of their trunks and naturally curved branches made them the favored source of the framework of ships. The Naval ship U.S.S. Constitution was actually nicknamed “Old Ironsides” due to the fact that it was made of live oak wood and survived several cannon attacks. The wood of these trees was also utilized in fashioning wagon wheel hubs. Live oaks produce acorns, which were used by Native Americans for their oil and also still serve as a food source for many animals.

The majesty of these trees

They can grow to a height of about 40 to 80 feet, typically with a spread of 60 feet to more than 100 feet at full maturity. Their branches grow very low to the ground and then rise up, making them an incredible vision to behold! Extraordinarily, live oaks live a very long time, some of them even live for centuries. In fact, the oldest among them are thought to be several hundred to more than 1,000 years old!

Come and see them for yourself

At Spread Oaks Ranch, there are also many lovely elm trees and pecan trees. The true gem of them all, however, is the live oak. Come and witness all its grandeur for yourself!

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