Calling all carnivores to Spread Oaks Ranch!

Spread Oaks Ranch has an abundance of vegetables and fruits that we include in our farm/field to table dining, however the variety of meats that we offer will be a highlight of your culinary experience!

What do we have besides meat?

Chef Ric Rosser works some serious magic in the kitchen at Spread Oaks Ranch. His house canned vegetables, and homemade jams and jellies are the perfect compliments to any meal. Each meal incorporates the freshest produce harvested at the moment.

What are we raising at Spread Oaks Ranch?

Spread Oaks Ranch has 500 Brangus cows and 30 Katahdin sheep/lambs, as well as farm raised chickens and ducks for eggs and meat. Hams, loins and sausages are smoked-cured in our smokehouse by Chef Ric. It’s a labor of love!

Fun facts about the smokehouse…

Our smokehouse was custom built, at 12 x 12 feet with a 15 foot gabled ceiling. It’s modeled after an early European style, with a extra few bells and whistles. We’ve added an external smoke box to allow us to cold smoke and an internal fire box that allows us to hot smoke. It is A/C cooled, which keeps constant temperatures inside.

What we’re preparing and what we’re serving

Currently we have 42 hams hanging in the smokehouse, and one hog submerged in salt! In addition to that, we have a large variety of meats ready to serve. Some of them include house cured bacon, Mocetta, Prosciutto, Appalachian style salted hams, Lonzino, Canadian bacon, smoked ham hocks and wild onion smoked sausage. Is your mouth watering yet?

Get your tastebuds ready!

It is our pleasure, as well as our mission, to provide you with a first-class vacation. We can tailor anything to meet your needs and give you the exceptional retreat you deserve. The work that goes into giving our guests an unparalleled dining experience speaks for itself with each bite that you take! Come taste the goodness for yourself!

2 thoughts on “Calling all carnivores to Spread Oaks Ranch!

  1. Jimmy Hassell

    I need to come and try that meat. It looks awesome.

  2. Andrew Fetyko

    Will you send me a meal in a box. ship it fedex with cook instructions. I am hungry!! Tim I hope to get there in the next two weeks. Andy

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