Shooting at Spread Oaks Ranch with Adam Blair

There are many ways to enjoy your time at Spread Oaks Ranch! Shooting instruction with Adam Blair is one we highly recommend!

Activities at Spread Oaks Ranch

Spread Oaks Ranch has something for everyone, in every season! From September to February, hunting is the name of the game. Weddings, music events, corporate retreats and family vacations bring in many guests in the Spring and Summer seasons. Through it all, the activities offered around the ranch are plentiful! From fishing, getting to know the animals on the ranch, birding adventures, historical and photography tours to lounging by the infinity pool and scarfing down the impeccable cuisine prepared by Spread Oaks Ranch chef Ric Rosser, there’s an abundance of ways to experience our property. A guest favorite, however, is shooting instruction with Adam Blair!

Just a boy and his chicken!
Wine tasting during the Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis music weekend

Shooting with Adam Blair

Spread Oaks Ranch has been fortunate enough to work with Adam Blair for a while now, and our guests couldn’t be happier! Whether you’re a novice shooter or have years of practice, Adam has a lot to offer you. For example, guests of all experience levels signed up for clay target shooting with Adam during our last music weekend in March, and each one of them walked away feeling more confident in their shooting capabilities and had a whole lot of fun! Spread Oaks Ranch’s own Rob Sawyer is a very seasoned shooting veteran, and even he was surprised to learn how many of his established shooting habits could be improved. Do you mount the gun first to your shoulder or to your face, or at the same time? What’s the best shooting technique- sustained lead, pull-away, pass-through, or some combination of all three? Adam Blair explains these and much more in the December 2020 issue of Clay Target Nation. See the link below for the full article!

December 2020 issue of Clay Target Nation…

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