The natural beauty of the Spread Oaks Ranch wildflowers

The wildflowers and prairie grasses are some of the most spectacular sights to take in at Spread Oaks Ranch!

What wildflowers can you find at Spread Oaks Ranch?

You can find Horsemint, Evening Primrose, Prairie Flax, Yellow Thistle, Prairie Nymph, Dandelion and Swamp Sunflower on our ranch, to name a few.

The American Basketflower

Among the many wildflowers throughout our property, some of the most beautiful are the American Basketflowers. They often grow in great stands of hundreds and are tall and brilliant! They are quite impressive when flowering, especially when you see their detail. From a distance, they can be mistaken for Texas thistle, so take the time to look closely!

A few fun facts…

The American Basketflower is a common plant to find on native prairies and other open areas. According to, this annual can grow from 1.5 to 4 feet tall, depending on rainfall and soil type. The flowerheads are 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Their name comes from the basket weave pattern that hold the lower part of the flower, giving the appearance of a bloom being held in a basket.

The importance of this flower

Not only are these flowers stunning to look at, they are vital to the life around them. Blooms of the American Basketflower provide nectar for hummingbirds, songbirds, butterflies, moths and beetles. This nectar is also a favorite of bees, particularly bumblebees, whose population absolutely must be maintained! Their seeds are preferred by songbirds and gamebirds such as dove and quail.

How does it grow?

The American Basketflower is not typically grazed by livestock or wildlife, so it grows bountifully as long as it has adequate moisture during late winter and spring. You can gaze upon its lovely blooms during May and August. They are currently in full bloom and just magnificent to see!

Come and see for yourself!

Are you needing a vacation? Is a nice change of scenery in order? Spread Oaks Ranch has everything you could need for a perfect luxury getaway. Come stay with us this summer, and be sure to check out the wildflowers while you’re here!

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  1. Al Pell

    AWESOME PICS AND IDEA y’all! I hope to make it out there one day!

  2. James E Hassell

    Awesome flowers, the view is beautiful, can’t wait to bring my wife

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