Garden & Gun magazine features Spread Oaks Ranch!

Spread Oaks Ranch has many hunting options, but the waterfowl hunting is especially impressive! Garden and Gun magazine just happens to think so, too!

We are so honored and thrilled to have been featured in the August/September 2020 issue of Garden and Gun magazine! They absolutely captured the special elements of the waterfowl hunting, as well as the entire luxury of a stay at Spread Oaks Ranch. (Check out the article here:

Duck hunting season is just around the corner! Many hunters are eager for early Teal season, taking place during the last two weeks in September. But, at Spread Oaks Ranch, there is ample opportunity to hunt Blue Wing, Green Wing and Cinnamon Teal from September through the end of January!

Photo Credit Karen Sachar & Co

Spread Oaks Ranch has invested a great deal of time and energy to ensure that we are one of the premier waterfowl habitats in the country. Besides Teal, there is a large population of Wood, Mottled, Gadwall, Black Belly Whistlers, American Wigeon, Spoonbill, Mallard, Ring-Necked, Coot and Pintail ducks. One can even occasionally find Ruddy, Bufflehead, Red Heads, Hooded Merganser and Lesser Scaup ducks! In addition to the vast variety of ducks, guests also enjoy Sandhill crane hunting during most winters. They are, after all, considered the “ribeye of the sky!”

When considering your hunt, keep in mind that we are able to offer different levels of comfort and difficulty. If you want to have a traditional hunting experience, wading through the water and muck, go for it! For some, that’s a necessary part of the hunt. However, if you’d like a more leisurely experience, leave your waders at home, and let us deliver you directly to your blind! However you decide to hunt, you’ll have a thrilling time!

One of the most unique parts of duck hunting at Spread Oaks Ranch is the selection of decoys we offer. Sport duck hunting began in the 1870’s through the use of wooden decoys. It is quite uncommon to find decoys such as these in 2020, however, we have commissioned a sizeable number of stunning, hand carved and hand painted wooden decoys. Hunting with a rig of these decoys is essentially like taking a trip through history!

Photo Credit: Karen Sachar & Co

Not only is ALL of the hunting at Spread Oaks Ranch exceptional, your entire stay with us will be as well. Between the luxurious rooms and amenities, the magnificent lodge, the personal attention, the first-class dining, the soothing infinity pool, and the endless view of Live Oaks, pasture and sky, Spread Oaks Ranch is positively an experience you’ll never forget! Availability is going quickly, so book your trip with us now!

Photo Credit: Michael Ciaglo Photography

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  1. Keith Neal

    Great article, great quotes, beautiful pictures. Sure had the best of times when I stayed in Dec 2019. See you all later this year.

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