What to Expect at the Clay Target Range


What to Expect at the Clay Target Range

For each booking, Spread Oaks Ranch provides up to two hours of clay target shooting that includes shotguns, 2 boxes per guest of 12-ga or 20-ga ammunition, hearing protection, and shooting glasses. The clay target course is located only a short walk from the lodge and overlooks the smaller of our two stocked lakes. It is configured with a low and high house (not regulation skeet) and three external traps. Advance notice is appreciated to give staff sufficient preparation time.

In all instances, staff will review shotgun safety with your party before the handling of the first shotgun. For experienced shooters, after the safety talk the lodge will provide an overview of how the equipment works. If there are any inexperienced shooters, our staff will remain with your party to monitor both safety and shotgun handling. We are also happy to provide basic shooting instruction.

Please note that, during duck season, we may have moved a couple targets to our upland field and closed the main course. We do this is because at certain times of the year ducks roost in adjacent waterways. Yes, you can still shoot, but it isn’t as convenient for you or for us. The ducks, however, are quite fond of the arrangement.

Don’t forget that we can book a shooting clinic for you with National Sporting Clays Level III instructor and Master Class shooter Adam Blair! (https://shootwithadam.com). Adam’s $250/hour charge includes instruction, targets, and ammunition.

Safety. Spread Oaks Ranch’s No. 1 priority is the safety of our guests and staff. Safety is just as much your responsibility as it is ours, meaning do not hesitate to bring anything that makes you uncomfortable to anyone’s attention, whether on staff or not. Below are the basics:

1. Breeches to remain open at all times unless in the shooting station.

2. Check gun is unloaded before entering or leaving shooting station.

3. Barrels are to be pointed down or towards range at all times.

4. Gun safety is always on safe between shots.

5. Never swing a gun across adjacent shooter.

6. Eye and ear protection are required at all times.

7. Never mix gun gauges while shooting. Pick one gauge to shoot at a time.

8. Never load more than two shells at a time.

9. No alcohol consumption before shooting.