What to Expect for Saltwater Bay Fishing


What to Expect for Saltwater Bay Fishing

Spread Oaks Ranch offers Matagorda Bay saltwater fishing through one of the best licensed captain outfitters on the coast. On a bay trip, you’ll have an opportunity to catch redfish, speckled trout, and flounder from the comfort of a Texas bay boat. It is best to discuss, in advance, if you prefer to wade fish, fly fish, or, during the season, go night-gigging flounder. The town of Matagorda and the location of our vendor, Sunrise Lodge, is about 35 minutes from the Spread Oaks Ranch gate.

What to You Need to Know: All your fishing gear will be provided by the guides, but you are responsible for your personal comfort. A half day on the bay can bring weather extremes! Consider a small, waterproof bag or pack with such items as your Texas fishing license (see separate license document), sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, portable raincoat and, depending on the time of year, a light jacket. Snacks, water, and/or non-alcoholic drinks are provided, but you can purchase other drinks and food at the Matagorda marina. Our saltwater fishing outfitter will clean your fish and Spread Oaks Ranch will provide you with a cooler upon request.

Costs: Our saltwater fishing contractor, Sunrise Lodge, requires payment of $960 per boat (base price plus their gratuity) 30 days before your scheduled trip. We will forward you an invoice 45 days before it is due. The base price is for a half-day boat booking per boat and includes bait, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks. Our vendor requires a 20% gratuity that also covers fish cleaning and packing, and the ranch will provide you with a portable cooler upon request. Plan on three fishermen per boat, although four can be accommodated when weather conditions are good. You are responsible for arranging your own transportation to and from your fishing adventure, although with enough notice, we will try to help out-of-state visitors.


Take your experience to another level

If you are seeking a little extra adventure between food courses, consider engaging some of our “best of the best” outdoor vendors. These folks are the same professional guiding entities we use during hunting season. Just let Spread Oaks Ranch know which activities you want to schedule and we will help you make all the arrangements.  

Matagorda Bay Saltwater Fishing

On a half-day morning or afternoon bay fishing trip, you will target redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. All your fishing gear will be provided by the guides, you need only to consider your personal comfort. Boats leave out of the town of Matagorda, about a 35-minute drive from the Spread Oaks Ranch. Contact Ged Durham at Spread Oaks Ranch for more information.

Upland Bird Hunting

Our contractor Top Flight offers upland bird shooting in a classic prairie and savannah setting right on Spread Oaks Ranch. Guides bring all the birds (pheasant, chukar, and quail) as well as flushing and pointing dogs. Top Flight runs upland hunts only from the end of September until the end of March. Contact Ged Durham at Spread Oaks Ranch for more information.