What to Expect on Continental Pheasant Tower Shoots


Spread Oaks Continental Pheasant Tower Shoot

Thirty feet in the air, the new skyscraper on the prairie is “home base” for the Spread Oaks continental pheasant tower shoot. Here, birds raised in flight pens are released for your party of shooters in a manner reminiscent of the classic European driven hunts. It’s a challenging test for novice and experienced wing shooters alike.

We have had so much interest in the new offering that we offer several different ways to provide the opportunity. First, you can add this as an activity during your hunting season visit to replace a waterfowl or deer/hog hunt, and we’ll add the core package pricing to your invoice. “Social season” – anytime fowl or deer are closed – is also an ideal time to plan a continental shoot. Lastly, we are planning to sponsor a specially priced pheasant “series” in which you and your guests can sign up for a two-day exclusive tower package. Regardless of which option you choose, our offerings are all-inclusive of chef Ric Rosser’s one of a kind field-to-table meals, your drinks and fine alcohol, and our elegant private lodging.

What’s Included and Pricing: All you have to do is show up! We do all the rest. In addition to providing your 12- and/or 20-gauge ammunition, we clean and package your birds. Need to rent a shotgun? We have you covered. While we have the flexibility to shape the shoot to your needs, our “core” package is priced at $5000 for a 100-bird shoot.